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New vocational training instructor at Altmann GmbH

16.08.2018 von Achim Altmann

Mr Krude has many years of experience as an industrial mechanic and technical manager. Furthermore, he has for some time now been sharing his knowledge and expertise with apprentices in the fields of mechatronics and industrial mechanics, among others.

Our new vocational training instructor Markus Krude introduces himself


Allow me to briefly introduce myself: My name is Markus Krude, I am 37 years old and originally from Pinneberg, situated in the suburbs of Hamburg. I love going swimming or touring the beautiful rivers and lakes of Germany by canoe.

I completed my apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic 20 years ago in a small company not much different from ALTMANN. Since then, I have successfully worked in various industries such as shipbuilding, the automotive industry and machine construction.

I served in the armed forces for many years, where my comrades and I were as a team responsible for ensuring that the emergency rescue helicopters were able to fly their missions, come rain or shine.

After my service, I made use of the opportunity to complete advanced training as an industrial foreman and, subsequently, technical manager.

Two and a half years ago, my work took me to the vocational assistance centre at Waldkraiburg, where I was employed as a vocational training instructor. and where my colleagues and I helped mechatronic technicians and industrial mechanics successfully complete their vocational training.

I have now joined ALTMANN GmbH as vocational training instructor, and I look forward to providing our trainees and apprentices with the best possible assistance and support in their journeys toward these exciting professions.

Markus Krude”

With his many years of experience, Mr Krude is extremely well qualified as vocational training instructor, and we are particularly pleased to welcome him to our team!

Our training programme

We currently have three apprentices at ALTMANN at different levels of training. Mr Krude has been helping them prepare for their final examinations and subsequent professional lives since the beginning of October.

As of 1 September 2020, we will have four additional training positions available at our company for those who are interested in pursuing a profession in this field and would like to benefit from Mr Krude’s expertise. Two of these positions will be for the position of machinist, the others will be for mechatronics technician and industrial electronics technician.

Regardless of the profession, vocational training at ALTMANN is conducted according to the dual system, which means that our apprentices alternate between attending training at our company and continuing their education at vocational schools. In our extremely well-organised training workshop, they gain insight into various fields and quickly gain the opportunity to have valuable hands-on experience.

Please refer to the following for more detailed information on the practical content of the respective apprenticeships, the required qualifications and what we as an employer offer our apprentices:

We welcome interns and school classes

Those who are not yet sure which career path to follow are also very welcome at our company. We offer both student and professional internships, in which we provide interns with comprehensive insight into the various apprenticed professions at our company as well as our day-to-day operations. In addition, we also gladly open our doors to school classes interested in these professions. If you are interested in a guided tour, please feel free to get in touch with our vocational training instructor Mr Krude.