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Crane travel with pendulum damping

03.12.2018 von Achim Altmann

 The following comparison shows the advantages of using this technology.

Advantages of crane travel with pendulum damping

The situation is completely different here for crane travel with electronic pendulum damping. This ensures that the vibrations no longer occur when a load is transported and that the aforementioned disadvantages of crane travel without pendulum damping are eliminated.

Positioning with millimetre accuracy

Thanks to the pendulum damping, the crane hits the desired target coordinates precisely – without the hook being subjected to further vibrations during travel or after the crane has stopped. This makes it possible to work far more precisely and, in particular, faster.

Oscillating movements are no longer necessary

When using crane travel with pendulum damping, there are no more unforeseeable compensating movements caused by the crane – neither during acceleration nor braking. It is particularly noteworthy that this is the case regardless of the speed and hook position of the load. At the same time, the risk of accidents due to oscillating movements is reduced to a minimum. Crane travel with pendulum damping is currently used in particular in the machining of high-precision parts.


Disadvantages of crane travel without pendulum damping


High workload

During crane travel without pendulum damping, it can be seen that strong vibrations are caused by the load attached to the rope. Precise positioning of the object therefore takes a lot of time, requires both calm and skill and makes everyday working life extremely difficult.

Damage to the object

In many cases it is also very important that a load is stopped without swinging and that the desired target point is not exceeded, otherwise damage to the load or target object may occur. However, there is no guarantee when positioning objects without pendulum damping. In addition, the swinging of the load increases the risk of accidents for the persons concerned.

We are pleased to advise you in detail on how your company can also benefit from the advantages of crane pendulum damping.