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Apprenticeship videos for a successful career start

13.12.2021 von by the apprentices

Sophia - Industrial electrician (2nd year of apprenticeship):

When we were shooting our apprenticeship video, there was a lot going on. On the individual days of shooting, we were fully occupied with filming the scenes for our apprenticeship video, from early in the morning until late in the afternoon. With all these tasks, we helped and supported each other.

What did I like best?
What I liked most about shooting the video was that everything happened calmly and without stress. Another point that I really liked was that I could learn a lot about scene design and the setup and design of backdrops.

How did I prepare for the shooting?
I prepared for the shooting days by writing and studying my text for the film. When writing my script, I thought about the sequence of my daily work and what characterizes the job profile. Furthermore, days before the shoot we were already busy gathering material, tidying up and cleaning the workshop.

What do I want to pass on to future apprentices?
What I would like to tell you as future apprentices in our company is that you will gain so much new and instructive experience every day that you cannot even imagine. And you will also have a lot of fun with your colleagues.

Jonas - Mechatronics technician (2nd year of apprenticeship) - In the video shoot, he took over the role of a specialist for lathe and mill cutting:

What did I like best?
What I liked best was that I was able to look at part of my training from a different perspective through the shooting, and thus became aware of the job's special features again. Preparing and working out the various scenes in advance was also a very interesting but demanding job.

How did I prepare for the shoot?
In preparation for the shooting, I tried to put myself in the students' shoes and thought about what they should know about the job of a specialist for lathe and mill cutting. After that, I consulted with my trainer and the head of the lathe and mill cutting department on which machines we could best present the individual contents of the training. The day before shooting, I prepared the machines and workstations and tried out the best cutting data to create impressive images.

What do I want to pass on to future trainees?
It certainly won't be boring with us, because you're not only getting qualified in the training workshop, but you really work in the company from the very beginning. In addition, the individual skills and interests of the apprentices are addressed and encouraged.

Manuela - Technical product designer (3rd year of apprenticeship):

What did I like best?
What I liked best about the apprenticeship videos was that we were not just interchangeable "extras", but also "screenwriter", "director" and leading actor in one. From start to finish, we were able to contribute our ideas, creatively help to shape the scenes, the text and the editing, and thus present our apprenticeship in a very "personal" way.

How did I prepare for the shoot?
I prepared for the film shoot by thinking about how my normal working day/job is structured, which tasks I have to do in which order and how they can be presented at best. After I had elaborated and structured the scenes, it was time to write a text that comments on what is shown and explains in more detail what my apprenticeship is all about and what I particularly like about our company. 




What do I want to pass on to future apprentices?
In our company there are always new, exciting projects in which you can get involved creatively and practically as an apprentice. Not only in terms of daily work, but also, for example, how the company presents itself to the outside world. Anyone who is interested and enjoys developing new ideas and playing an active role in putting them into practice is in good hands with us.


Max - Mechatronics technician (3rd year of apprenticeship):

What did I like best?
The illustration of part of my job for future apprentices, the required work and the knowledge to create a film was very interesting to me and I really liked it.

How did I prepare for the shoot?
The whole thing started with thinking about what you could show about your profession and then working out these scenes. After suitable work had been found, I prepared everything for a smooth process on the day of shooting.

What do I want to pass on to future apprentices?
Choose a job that you are really interested in. In smaller companies, you can usually learn broader knowledge that goes beyond the actual professional aim. In addition, you are often integrated into production and thus better prepared for professional life.

Tobias - Mechatronics technician (3rd year of apprenticeship) - When shooting the film, he took over the role of a construction mechanic:

What did I like best?
What I liked best about shooting the film was that I could immerse myself in another profession and thus get to know it. Making the video was much fun.

How did I prepare for the shoot?
First I thought about what the daily tasks of a construction mechanic are. After having selected a handful of activities, I coordinated them with my trainer. The day before the shooting date, I prepared all the workstations so that we could start filming right away.

What would you pass on to future apprentices?
That they are in good hands at the Altmann company, that there are always new challenges such as for example the film - tasks that let us grow and become independent. That no matter which apprenticeship you choose, the work is always varied and never monotonous or boring.

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Camera/Cutting of all apprenticeship videos: Tom Gonsior, Photography - Photography and Media Services - Munich