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The crane must run!

02.12.2020 von Achim Altmann

The automatic cranes comply with the following performance data:

Crane speed: 150 m/min
Trolley speed: 80 m/min
Lifting speed: 40 m/min
Positioning accuracy: +/- 1 mm in each axis (with the above-mentioned speeds)


Almost all goods in any environment can be handled

There are hardly any restrictions as to the type of goods which are to be handled by the automatic crane.
Whether bulk goods or specific merchandise fixtures, stacks of goods, coils or single products, solid or liquid materials – in harsh environmental conditions or in clean rooms - ALTMANN has the adequate solution for all goods to be transported. This solution is not limited to the gripper or any other load lifting device, but also includes a suitable hoist in combination with the trolley and the crane bridge. As the complete crane is modelled and manufactured in the Altmann factory, each individual case can be addressed with maximum flexibility.

Comprehensive approach

All tolerances have to be taken into account when planning - from the manufacturing process through the entire conveyor line to the destination. The automatic crane must later be capable of compensating the sum of arising tolerances and deviations from the ideal condition. The most important thing is: The crane must run!
If the cumulated deviations become too high, the control must detect this in order to maintain a safe condition.

The sensor technology is the be-all and end-all

The reliable and precise mode of operation of an automatic crane stands and falls with the right choice and place-ment of sensor technology. From the control perspective, the state of the automatic crane must be correctly cap-tured at any point in time. Thus, on the one hand the step-by-step sequence can be completed correctly and on the other hand failures are prevented because any improper condition is identified in time. It is therefore an essential part of planning to integrate technologies that are known under the keywords "Condition Monitoring" and "Predictive Maintenance".
Only this process can guarantee 24/7 operation which is essential for the efficiency of the facility and finally for its amortisation, because the crane must run!

Data, Data, Data

An automatic crane can prove its full strength particularly when all the available data are distributed via suitable interfaces. There are lots of applications, for example:

  • Connection to a higher-level process control system
  • Matching with an external inventory management / warehouse management system
  • Data storage in a blackbox to be able to predict maintenance requirements or to detect improvement potentials

Equipment options

Depending on requirements and environmental conditions, the following equipment can be integrated or be retrofitted at a later point in time:

  • Blackbox for recording all operational data
  • Visualisation for operation and maintenance staff with Condition Monitoring (Status display of all assemblies) and Predictive Maintenance
  • Safety technology for the operation in non-restricted areas that are accessible to personnel
  • Triggering of certain cycle steps with time stamp for tracking and/or manufacturing documentation
  • Remote access to support the customer from all over the world at low cost
  • "All-weather package" for operating the facility outside
  • Pendulum damping for vibration-free procedure on even ground
  • Automatic fire-fighting system