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As an operator of material handling systems you are subject to a particular responsibility with respect to safety.

In the accident prevention regulations the law defines exactly that operators of such facilities (e.g. cranes, lifter tables, lifting carriages, rigging gears, rolling gates etc.) have to go through an inspection by an expert once a year!

We assume this responsibility at a reasonable price! Additionally, we provide you with the following free services so that you can use maintenance as a reasonable means to save money:

  • Detailed inspection report
  • Annual comparison / intercompany comparison free of charge (anonymous)
  • Adjustment works (z. B. brake air, friction clutch, etc.) are made at the same time
  • Quick response in case of downtimes due to short-term availability of all spare parts

Legal foundations:

  • UVV BGV-D 8, § 23 - Winches, lifting and pulling equipment
  • UVV VBG 9a, § 40 - Lifting equipment in hoisting operation
  • BGV-D 6, § 26 - Cranes
  • UVV BGV-D 27 - Ground conveyors
  • UVV VBG 14, § 39 - Lifter tables
  • ZH 1/494, 6.1 - Guidelines for power-operated windows, doors and gates

Our service is completed by repairs of all kinds of equipment, even of systems supplied by third-party manufacturers!



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