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Every particle released from a crane falls downward thanks to gravitational force. The ventilation equipment that is often installed circulates air from the ceiling downward to a raised floor or to suction openings at the edge of the floor, inevitably bringing every particle down onto your products.

The top priority during the development of clean room cranes is to avoid sources of particle emission, a requirement that standard cranes fail to satisfy in any respect. Many parts of such cranes emit particles continuously, and material combinations unsuitable for clean-room environments are a constant cause of wear.

  • Wear on energy systems
  • Outgassing of solvents on painted surfaces
  • Outgassing from lubricants where lubricated parts such as cables and bearings are exposed
  • Grit from cable or chain drives
  • Particles expelled from fans in the drives

We avoid all this with our clean room cranes and also ensure that your productivity doesn’t just plateau at a high level but instead increases significantly.

Clean room cranes for the semiconductor industry – technical characteristics

Ways in which our clean room cranes for the semiconductor industry excel include:

  • Use of maintenance- and lubricant-free load belts instead of cables or chains
  • Closed drives without fans
  • Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning
  • Completely sealed assemblies
  • Stainless steel hooks
    Low-wear material combinations on friction surfaces (e.g. drive wheel treads)
  • Closed systems for power supply
  • No outgassing of solvents thanks to powder-coated finish

Conventional crane systems – disadvantages

Both wear and particles disrupt your production and compromise the quality of your products. Deleterious effects often become apparent only during final tests at the end of the production process. In even worse cases, the effects only appear once the customer has already used your product.

This results in expensive recall actions and high repair costs. Given the high standards of your products, these costs are usually higher than the purchase price of a clean room crane.

Clean room cranes – the possibilities

We have been leaders in the development of suitable clean room cranes for your special requirements since 2002. Our belt hoists specially designed for use in clean rooms are in the fourth generation and are available in all configurations.

We also offer you the following options for clean room cranes:

  • Complete stainless steel design
  • Electronic load monitor for recording operating data (remaining service life, hours of operation, number of hoisting cycles, number of overload shutdowns, etc.)
  • Digital load display
  • Tandem operation for simultaneous control of two or more crane systems
  • Wireless communication for data exchange with neighbouring clean room cranes or higher-level process control systems
  • Distance monitoring of neighbouring clean room cranes
  • Avoidance mechanisms for permanently installed obstacles in the clean room crane’s work area
  • Semi-automatic or fully automatic control systems, e.g. for positioning
  • and much more

Altmann – market leader for clean room cranes

Altmann is a world leader in the development and production of clean room cranes. We aspire to constantly set new standards for clean room cranes. The more complex the requirements, the more interesting a project is for us. In addition the semiconductor industry, we also supply the food and aerospace industries and all other industrial sectors. Contact us now so that we can develop the ideal clean room crane for you.

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