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There seems to be no other sector in which the media and the public react so sensitively to quality issues as they do in the food industry. To maintain a constant level of high quality, in addition to high-quality ingredients and a reliable production process, the machinery used is of crucial importance.

Standard cranes often fail due to massive corrosion, excessive wear on wheels, load chains and steel cables, or high maintenance costs resulting from frequent lubrication or surface coating renewal. But our clean room cranes satisfy the complex requirements for machinery and ensure trouble-free production processes.

Clean room cranes in the food industry – the benefits

In addition to selecting the right materials, avoiding wear is vital. Our clean room cranes satisfy these two main requirements for cranes in the food industry. They are available on request in versions made entirely of stainless steel of various grades (e.g. 1.4301, 1.4571, etc.). The clean room crane’s belt hoist is equipped with a special load belt that is maintenance-free and requires no lubrication, making frequent later lubrication just as much a thing of the past as corrosion on force-transmitting parts. With a clean room crane, productivity can be increased considerably while retaining excellent product quality.

Clean room cranes – technical characteristics

Ways in which our clean room cranes for the food industry excel include:

  • Use of maintenance- and lubricant-free load belts instead of cables or chains
  • Closed drives without fans
  • Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning
  • No undercuts where moisture could accumulate and react with the material
  • Completely sealed assemblies
  • Stainless steel hooks
  • Low-wear material combinations on friction surfaces (e.g. drive wheel treads)
  • Semi-enclosed energy systems so moisture can drip off

Clean room cranes in the food industry – our expertise

We have been leaders in the development of clean room cranes suitable for the food industry since 2000. Our clean room cranes with belt hoists specially designed for use in food production are in the fourth generation and are available with all configurations.

We also offer you the following options for clean room cranes:

  • Complete stainless steel design
  • Electronic load monitor for recording operating data (remaining service life, hours of operation, number of hoisting cycles, number of overload shutdowns, etc.)
  • Digital load display
  • Tandem operation for simultaneous control of two or more crane systems
  • Wireless communication for data exchange with neighbouring clean room cranes or higher-level process control systems
  • Distance monitoring of neighbouring clean room cranes
  • Avoidance mechanisms for permanently installed obstacles in the clean room crane’s work area
  • Semi-automatic or fully automatic control systems, e.g. for positioning
  • and much more

Traditional crane systems – disadvantages

For one, conventional crane systems are unable to satisfy demanding requirements for chemical resistance (for example, cleaning agents) and avoiding wear that produces grit that can get into products.

Corroded stainless steel load chain (!) in salt bath

Negative effects of cranes that are not food-compatible are caused by:

  • Wear on wheels
  • Wear on energy systems
  • Corrosion on friction surfaces (e.g. wheel tread)
  • Contact corrosion resulting from poorly matched material combinations, e.g. stainless steel chains or cables with untreated steel guides (pulleys, etc.)
  • Use of lubricants on exposed parts (chains, cables, gears, etc.)

Both wear and surface defects disrupt your production and compromise the quality of your products. Deleterious effects often become apparent only during final tests at the end of the production process. In even worse cases, the effects only appear after your product is already on the market.
This results in expensive recall actions and high repair costs. Given the high standards of your products, these costs are usually higher than the purchase price of a clean room crane.

Clean room cranes – new standards for the food industry

Our aim is to constantly set new standards for clean room cranes, but our expertise is not limited to the food industry; it extends to semiconductor manufacturing and aerospace as well as all other industrial sectors. We are always looking for new challenges to improve our products and find the ideal solution for our customers. Enquire with us about what you need. We’ll implement your requirements in high-quality products.

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