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Progress in aerospace technology in recent decades is among the most remarkable of humanity’s technical achievements. New materials that are lighter but also more rugged, energy-saving and more powerful drives, and more precise production processes are only three of many innovations that have pushed the envelope of what is technically and economically possible.

Conventional crane solutions don’t even come close to satisfying the extreme requirements for clean room production. From many assemblies come particle emissions, grit and outgassing that should always be avoided.

Standard cranes – out of place in clean rooms

Negative effects of cranes that are unsuitable for aerospace clean rooms are caused by:

  • Wear on wheels
  • Wear on energy systems
  • Corrosion on friction surfaces (e.g. wheel tread)
  • Contact corrosion resulting from poorly matched material combinations, e.g. stainless steel chains or cables with untreated steel guides (pulleys, etc.)
  • Use of lubricants on exposed parts (chains, cables, gears, etc.)
  • Grit from cable or chain drives
  • Particles expelled from fans in the drives

Emitted particles and grit can disrupt production and compromise the quality of your valuable products. Deleterious effects often become apparent only during final tests at the end of the production process, or during customer use, and can result in time-consuming repairs or high recall costs.

Clean room cranes for aerospace engineering – the benefits

To ensure trouble-free production of components for the aerospace industry, important production phases need to take place under clean-room conditions. This also calls for a suitable crane solution, such as a clean room crane that helps produce high-quality parts and increases the efficiency of their production.

All components of our clean room cranes have been optimized for clean-room capability to ensure that your products can be manufactured in the highest possible quality while increasing your production efficiency. Extra effort for conversion, servicing and maintenance becomes unnecessary thanks to a clean room crane.

Clean room cranes for aerospace engineering – the possibilities

Our clean room cranes are not only developed and produced to the highest standards, they’re also designed for and tailored to your individual needs. We also offer you the following options and equipment for clean room cranes:

  • Digital load display
  • Stainless steel design
  • Lifting speeds < 1 mm/min (!)
  • Electronic load monitor for recording operating data (remaining service life, hours of operation, number of hoisting cycles, number of overload shutdowns, etc.)
  • Tandem operation for simultaneous control of several crane systems
  • Wireless communication for data exchange with neighbouring clean room cranes or higher-level process control systems
  • Distance monitoring of neighbouring clean room cranes
  • Semi-automatic or fully automatic control systems, e.g. for positioning
  • Avoidance mechanisms for permanently installed obstacles in the clean room crane’s work area

Clean room cranes in aerospace engineering – our expertise

Altmann is a world leader in the production of clean room cranes. It’s important to us to constantly set new standards, not only for aerospace engineering but also for all other industries (for example, the food industry, semiconductor production). As the market leader, we’re constantly on the lookout for challenges in the design and production of clean room cranes. Contact us now so we can successfully implement your requirements for you.

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