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Automatic crane for pioneering project

15.06.2022 von Sabine Altmann

The Mannheim-based energy company MVV is integrating its combined heat and power plant into the existing district heating network and will thus be using heat from thermal waste treatment to supply steam to neighbouring industry and for district heating.

In addition, MVV is integrating an innovative process for recovering phosphorus from sewage sludge into the plant, which costs EUR 72 million and is subsidized by the state with EUR 6.4 million. According to MVV, the company is a pioneer in this technical process in Baden-Württemberg.

You can find more information on the phosphorus recycling plant in the latest Government Gazette No. 21 from June 3, 2022 or online:

For this project, we deliver turnkey, highly automated crane systems for the entire bunker handling. This also includes the complete program development and commissioning.

Follow the next blog posts. Here we will report in more detail about our part in the project.


Fig.: Delivery of the first parts of the crane system (crane bridge).