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My experience during internship at the Altmann company

26.07.2022 von Elisabeth Guwa

I got to know a lot of different machines that are necessary for metal processing. A few examples: the conventional milling machine, drilling machine, lathe, various sawing machines and the grinding machine. Even if you have no knowledge of how something works, everything is explained to you. I was allowed to operate most of the machines almost independently.

I was very surprised at how many different screws there are, in terms of length, width, thread, material and screw head. When filing and processing different metals, you get a feeling for the hardness and properties of the metal.

I was able to use my technical knowledge which we learn in the technology course at school and apply it in practice. Due to my work at Altmann, I have got a better understanding and I can profit from this experience at school.

I was very pleased with working in the company. The colleagues and superiors are always helpful and understand if you don't have any experience. You can ask anyone if there is something you don't know, and everything is explained to you in an understandable way. A six-month internship may sound a bit long, but the time just flew by because I enjoyed working with metal. I'm sure you will enjoy too.
It's worth it!

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Picture: Apprenticeship/Internship at Altmann