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Girls’ Day 2019 – first girls' future day at ALTMANN

10.04.2019 von Achim Altmann

Right from the start, on the guided tour through the company, the participants experienced the variety of daily work of a specialist for lathe and mill cutting and of an industrial electrician at ALTMANN.

Together with our trainer Markus Krude, the two girls were exploring the single production stages for one day:  cutting of raw material with the plasma cutting machine, welding of raw parts and separation into construction groups, post processing of high precision parts in lathe and mill cutting, coating to protect against corrosion and finally pre-assembling the cranes including wiring. Here, the girls were allowed to work themselves and to connect the motors and sensors to the crane system, under the supervision of mechatronics technician Maximilian Brandl. They could also gather practical experience in lathe and mill cutting: the industrial mechanic Alex Neumeier explained to them how milling of radii and oblong holes works by means of a rope clamp.

As a highlight of the day, he produced a solitaire game with them, including their engraved names. Each girl could take this with her at the end of the day, together with many positive impressions.

And what do the employees at ALTMANN think of the first Girls’ Day? "It was a very enriching experience for us and next year again, we want to show girls that they must not be afraid of professions implying heavy stuff", promises Alex Neumeier for the Girls’ Day scheduled for March 26, 2020.