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Dirt particles stay outside: Crane innovation nominated for Cleanzone Award

10.11.2022 von Susanne Frank - free journalist

The cleanroom cranes from Altmann are specially designed for the requirements of the cleanroom industry and prove their worth wherever air quality requirements are high. Robert Altmann: "In the semiconductor industry or wherever hygiene requirements are high, such as in the food and pharmaceutical industries, cranes and hoists must also meet particularly high standards. Our cranes have a special coating and all cables and screws are "hidden". In fact, the entire technology is enclosed. Anyone interested in this "inner workings" of our cleanroom crane will have the opportunity to look under the enclosure at our booth at Cleanzone."

A clean room is more hygienic than an operating room, and Altmann's cranes lift and transport loads in these rooms in such a way that no dirt particles escape into the air.

Combine: semi-automatic control with pendulum damping

Managing directors Robert and Achim Altmann are looking forward to explaining to interested visitors the combination of proven technologies and innovative new features that make the semi-automatic crane particularly suitable for recurring work in cleanrooms. In doing so, they will also explain why semi-automatic control is more advantageous and the operator has control over the individual steps. His skill is still required, but he receives important support from the pendulum damping system.

Oscillation damping ensures faster work

The pendulum damping system integrated in the new semi-automatic crane ensures that the load is prevented from rocking. This allows the crane operator to move the load to its destination more quickly without having to constantly brake or accelerate. Since the load does not swing back and forth during transport, there is also much less wear and abrasion. Finally, the load can be positioned with millimeter precision.


Video: Altmann cleanroom crane with pendulum damping

Achim Altmann: "We manufacture our cranes specifically according to our customers' requirements. So far, we have installed cranes with a load capacity of up to 30 tons and a span of 30 meters in clean rooms. The load can be positioned with millimeter precision despite a speed of 60 meters per minute."

Go vote at the show and choose the winner of the Cleanzone Award.

Cleanroom crane with pendulum damping

Fig. 2: The cleanroom crane with semi-automatic pendulum damping


At Altmann's stand at Cleanzone (Hall 1.2, Stand A 40), visitors will have the opportunity to examine the technology of the newly developed crane and see for themselves how Altmann has combined the proven and the new here to enable safe and efficient transport in cleanrooms.

Altmann will be pleased if you give the semi-automatic crane with pendulum damping your vote. A jury has nominated it alongside four other products for the Cleanzone Award. The voting process will run until 12 noon on November 24, and trade fair visitors will decide who receives the award.

The Altmann trade fair team is looking forward to your visit. You will find us at Messe Frankfurt in Hall 1.2, Stand A 40.


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