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Apprentices revise YouTube channel

23.03.2020 von the apprentices

We divided tasks among each other to benefit from our prior knowledge and interests and to keep the time frame down.

We created a completely new channel because the previous one was not up to date anymore and had not been serviced anymore.

At first, we created the "face" of the new channel. A channel overview with suitable images, information about the company, keyword tagging and integration of the channel into the YouTube category system.

We re-cut the videos of the old channel, formatted them, provided them with an intro (opening credits) and individual thumbnails (preview images).

Furthermore, we filmed the raw material during the assembly of the Bavarian crane in the second production hall. We uploaded this material in time-lapse as our first own video.


Tobi, mechatronics technician, first year of apprenticeship:

"I started to design the thumbnail template. The template serves the purpose of a uniform visual appearance and a certain recognition value. It was my task to create individual preview images for each video, on the basis of this template."


Max, mechatronics technician, first year of apprenticeship:

"My task was to adapt the old videos (cut, format and sound). In addition, I summarized two separate videos about pendulum damping in a new, single one, to illustrate the difference. By adapting the time axes, I displayed the movement in synchronised operation. Finally, I cut the time-lapse recordings and provided them with an intro and music."


Manu, technical product designer, first year of apprenticeship:

"I was finally responsible for presenting Tobi's and Max' previous works on the channel. The first step was to provide each single uploaded video with the appropriate thumbnails. Additionally, descriptions were added to each video, hashtags were put in the background for easier search and a title was created. In the end, I assigned each video to a certain category in YouTube."


The project was an interesting diversion in our daily work as apprentices and we had to face some new challenges. We were working on our tasks independently at home. It was a pleasure for us to take over this project and the responsibility associated with it.