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Power to the apprentices

30.01.2020 von the apprentices

After the new hall section had been terminated, we started to empty the old electric workshop and warehouse. The stock was temporarily stored on euro pallets to allow the building of new office rooms. At the same time, the 30-metre-long gallery was erected by the constructors and the mechanics for steel construction. When this was completed, we started to equip the new electric workshop with the necessary elements. This included assembling the cable shelves, installing the workbenches and erecting the support beam shelf.

When the new machines (bench drilling machines, workbenches, milling machines, surface plate and cabinets with accessories) were delivered, we placed them in the training workshop according to our ideas. Afterwards, the machines were overhauled, freed from flash rust and conserved with oil. In addition, we converted the fluorescent tubes of the old electric workshop to LED technology and provided the training workshop with additional light.

In order to use space in the lathe and mill cutting area more efficiently, we got two heavy-duty racks up to 24 t chargeable each, with extendable shelves for our round bars in the turning department, which we gauged and assembled ourselves. Finally, the round bars were collected and sorted in.

Heavy-duty rack for round bars:

The management charged us with constructing a central warehouse on the new gallery and we were responsible for design and implementation. This task included the setup and positioning of shelves as well as sorting and placing the warehouse stock.

Overall, we have got much more space for the assembly of crane systems and for storage now. Due to the reorganisation of our warehouse there is much more order and structure. This results in shorter distances, saving of time and more productive work.

We have experienced this as an exciting challenge, as we were allowed to work independently which was a great pleasure for us.

"I (Tobias, 4th year of apprenticeship) was motivated by what I could contribute, that my ideas could be realized and that other colleagues appreciated this work, too."
"I (Max, first year of apprenticeship) liked the fact that I could engage in this reorganisation in my first year already and that I could decide things when establishing the training workshop.“
"I (Tobias, first year of apprenticeship) had fun in facing these tasks together with the other apprentices."

New training workshop: