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Member of the sponsor group of the basketball department of TSV 1880 Wasserburg am Inn

06.11.2019 von Sabine Altmann

On the photo: from left Julijana Kancevic, Navina Pertz, Svenja Brunckhorst, Megan McKay, Nicole Schmidt, Svenja Greunke, Sabine Altmann,
Brittany Hodges, Kelly Moten, Tina Jakovina, Manuela Scholzgart, Leonie Fiebich, Sophie Perner, Sidney Parsons, Laura Hebecker and Marc Volkert.



Sabine Altmann participated in the team presentation event in the Badria hall and she was completely caught by the basketball fever.
She was provided with a team jersey by the sponsor manager and as you can see, Mrs. Altmann was enjoying the photo shooting.
Unfortunately, she will not be available as substitute player due to lack of time.

We hope to receive the Altmann team and their employees in the hall from time to time and wish them nice and exciting games.