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Company from Albaching supports young athlete

05.03.2020 von Jessica Vital-Robarge

Jule has been active in sports from an early age. This is not surprising as she has grown up in a very active family.

Over the years, Jule has achieved a strong condition in running and she could dominate several competitions.
She got to know Biathlon only three years ago: when the laser shooting range of the Preuß family from Albaching was inaugurated. Soon a group of Biathlon athletes met there, the material was provided by the ski club Haag for rental. Jule enjoyed this from the beginning. Two years ago, she got her first second-hand cross-country skis and she learned to shoot in the local shooting club. Until then, sports had been just a very important hobby for her.

In spring 2019, Jule took another step forward. Before being adopted by the training group Ruhpolding, many examinations had to be made, a procedure required by the BSV (Bavarian Ski Association). Only when the athlete file was completed and the physical performance value was certified, the die was cast. Jule does not want to hear that she is talented. For her it is essential to live the dream. With all its consequences!
She trains six times a week and she is exempted from school for participating in training camps and competitions. She makes up for missed school lessons in her limited free time, since her dream would soon be over with poor school performance.

In the meantime, she has faced the challenge of national and international competitions with other athletes. When looking at the start lists, it becomes apparent that many athletes come from sports high schools and sports boarding schools. For somebody who is new in this field it is not easy, but Jule is a fighter. Experience such as participating in the Ruhpolding World Cup pre-race programme have encouraged her in her strong determination. Franzi Preuß has given her one of her headbands particularly for this event. What a prominent talisman!

Comparisons with the role model Franzi Preuß?
For Mum Regina it is important to explain that today nobody knows if Jule will ever be at the forefront. There are so many eventualities. She was told that only two of a hundred young athletes manage to succeed and achieve their great goal. Until then one thing is sure: the family will support Jule with all their forces. However, this is not easy either. Apart from time-consuming drives to trainings there are significant financial strains. Investments have already consumed a 5-digit amount in the first season, although the Ski Club Haag also grants financial support. But a young person's dream paired with the unconditional willingness to bring sacrifices, all this makes it worthwhile!

Some companies from Albaching share this view. The companies Ganslmeier and Altmann, as well as another entrepreneur have decided to hand over 400€ (each) to Jule Wollboldt. The carpentry Walpertinger adds another 100€. Just because they think it is great that a young person is so determined to work for a dream. Bernhard Mayer, managing director of the carpentry Ganslmeier, emphasizes this too. In the name of all sponsors he says: "We want to show the family our appreciation and to support Jule in pursuing her dream. We wish her all the best".

Jule is very happy about this support, she needs new racing skis. Currently, the German youth championship in Ruhpolding and the Germany cup on the Pokljuka Plateau are on the agenda. For the next season, she wants to achieve BSV team status. Of course, we keep our fingers crossed for her!

Training Jule Wollboldt