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Fully automatic cranes from Altmann

An automatic crane is capable of carrying out one or more production processes completely independent of any human control commands. The automatic crane can regulate itself within defined limits by selecting the appropriate sensors.

Experience shows that, in comparison with manual operation, maintenance and repair costs for an automatic crane are lower, as damage due to improper operational use (e.g. collisions, angled lifting, jog operation, etc.) with it are precluded.

In the following graphics you can see for yourself how quickly an automatic crane can pay off:

The cumulative costs for an automatic crane include the procurement costs as well as costs for maintenance, repair, and wear and tear. Additive costs comprise personnel costs and procurement costs for a machine (e.g. wheel loaders, standard crane, etc.), as well as expenses for maintenance, repairs, and wear and tear.

Parameters can be set via a suitable interface (e.g. a touch panel), as well as by operating personnel, so that the fully automatic crane operates based on these settings (e.g. emptying a bulk material repository for transfer to another place different from the intended one that is programmed). A manual mode is also available that can be operated on a control panel. The possibilities are nearly unlimited.

Optimum process flow thanks to fully automatic crane operation

Thanks to precisely defined interfaces, a fully automatic crane is also capable of communication with upstream and downstream machines or a process control system.

In close cooperation with our customers, we draw up a preliminary list of exact requirements with a process description for the fully automatic crane. This is then compiled in a requirements specification. In addition to constructing the fully automatic crane, we also of course produce and program the control system within our company. The advantages are obvious:

  • A single point of contact for you, who takes care of the entire process and implements your wishes exactly as described.
  • No losses due to cooperative coordination with subcontractors
  • Impromptu change requests by the operator can be implemented
  • No delays in case of malfunctions

Fully automatic crane – precise and automated work processes

As previously mentioned, the key issue is the appropriate selection of a sensor system which – comparable to the sensory organs in humans – detects and conveys the process status, then directs and controls the fully automatic crane by means of the software capture. We have manufactured Altmann automatic cranes since 1998 and have consequently gained a wealth of experience regarding the capture of a wide variety of process variables; if desired, with the following accuracy:

  • Millimetre-precise positioning of the automatic crane in all axes, irrespective of load-bearing capacity, span, and speed of travel
  • Travel speeds of up to 200 m/min (= 3.33 m/s or 12 km/h)
  • Acceleration of up to 2 m/s² by frictionally engaged drives (i.e. without a rack-and-pinion drives)
  • Detection of filling levels with a precision of one millimetre
  • Load measurements accurate to within 1‰
  • Swing-free conveyance of the load

Sustainable and strategic planning with Altmann

It goes without saying that higher demands mean in part substantially greater control effort, so that there is an advance need to exactly identify the requirement in order to attain the optimum return on investment.

The safety technology must be given central importance, insofar as people interact with the automatic crane within the hazardous area. We always develop and plan according to the latest regulations, which generally comprise a very extensive set of rules and regulations, and taking into account the latest technical developments. By way of our CE declaration, we guarantee that all legal requirements are met for the automatic cranes.

Thanks to our extensive module library – which can be individually adapted to your application – it is possible for us to create a program exactly tailored to your needs within a short development time.

It is standard procedure for us to provide you with the source code, as part of the documentation, upon the purchase of a fully automatic crane. This way your own in-house staff are able to customise the program themselves. During the comprehensive training of your staff, which is also a matter of course for us, we explain to your team exactly how the fully automatic crane system works. The consistently notated program is clearly comprehensible and traceable for every programmer.

Let us win you over with our performance and ask us about your semi-automatic cranes needs. We are ready to support you with all of our expertise!

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