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Top-quality automatic cranes from Altmann

The automation of frequently recurring work processes offers a multitude of advantages. We at Altmann have set the goal to develop automatic cranes that successfully and productively automate a highly diverse range of work processes. With an automatic crane from Altmann, you can effectively and sustainably devise your production chain with assurance

Advantages of an automatic crane

The following advantages are among the many offered to you by an automatic crane from Altmann:

  • Shorter throughput times
  • Increased effectiveness of intra-company transport
  • Collision prevention
  • Relief from physical and mental stress for staff
  • Reduced labour needs
  • Realization of three-shift operation without additional staff

The amortisation is derived from:

  • Personnel savings
  • Provision of reserve staff capacity (e.g. backups for holidays, illness, etc.)
  • Higher throughput
  • Less waste and rejects
  • Reduced wear and tear
  • Decreased running costs

Common applications for an automatic crane are:

  • Directed approach to a specified location
  • Avoidance of defined interfering edges, e.g. of storage racks, workmen's offices, machinery, etc.
  • Loading and unloading of bulk materials – such as biomass, discarded scrap, wood, crates, ore or rocks, etc.
  • Running through a pre-specified production cycle

Automatic cranes – individually designed for your needs

Photo: Control cabinet cabinet of an automatic crane

We aspire to successfully complete each project to the absolute satisfaction of our customers. A decisive factor for the success of an automatic crane project is the fact that we are able to carry out all work within our company. Our team is comprised of experts from a large variety of areas. Both the mechanical aspects and the control system are manufactured and programmed internally by long-standing and experienced staff. This can help prevent information loss due to consultation with subcontractors; we guarantee an exact implementation according to the agreed customer requirements.

Comprehensive production chain – thanks to an automatic crane solution

A comprehensive approach to devising production; the automatic crane's interoperation with other machinery of course offers enormous potential and makes intervention by a machine operator superfluous. The signal exchange required for this must be adapted case by case as needed and is maintained in an interconnected list. It includes the exchange of data between an automatic crane and downstream or upstream machines. In addition to a dedicated signal exchange, it is possible to communicate via specifiable message frames.

Visualisation makes it possible to monitor and control the automatic crane while in operation. It is also possible to undertake parameter changes and adapt to changing production needs for this. The visualisation enables operators to see the current status of the automatic crane at any time and reassure themselves of its proper function.
Of course you can also transfer all of the relevant data to an existing process control system and have them displayed there.

Targeted logical linking of sensor signals prevents the automatic crane from diverting into any uncontrolled movements. If a malfunction occurs, e.g. because a sensor is not sending plausible data, then maintenance personnel are directed by means of alerts to the appropriate module.

Data-driven process optimisation

Statistical data can be recorded and evaluated by the automatic crane control system. Useful data include for example:

  • Number of load cycles
  • Tonnage moved
  • Load cycle duration
  • Storage of the executed process steps along with the process parameters
  • Saving parameter changes by operators

By connecting a secure interface to the Internet, the control system of the automatic crane can also be monitored and supported via remote maintenance. This makes intervention access possible without travel and time expenditures from our control centre; maintenance costs can be saved during ongoing operation.

Depending on the on-site possibilities, the frequency of use and the specific requirements profile, the relevant work can be accomplished with an automatic crane in the fully-automatic mode or semi-automatic mode. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time for further information or consultation.

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